Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chris Brown On That "Molly"?

Chris Brown has lost a drastic amount of weight in the last few weeks. While some think it's because of the stress caused by the alleged "love triangle" between him, Rihanna, and his girlfriend Karreuche...others think there are more sinister reasons at work.

Case in point, someone who is allegedly inside Chris Brown's camp, sent the following letter to Sandra Rose.com explaining Chris Brown's new skinny physic:


"Hey Sandra,

Giiirrrrl have I got some tea for you and it’s served steaming HOT on celebs you do NOT like. Ok lets start first off with Chris Brown…

So I’m told everyone thought Chris Brown was losing weight over Rihanna. NOT THE CASE! I’m told he and his girlfriend Karreuche “allegedly” get high off that “molly” (which is like a more pure form of MDMA aka ecstasy). Anyway, I’m told they “allegedly” use it daily, and that’s the reason for his drastic weight loss and erratic behavior. His voice has also suffered from it, which is why he mostly performs/lip syncs “Turn Up The Music” at Award shows. Most MDMA users, I’m told, love techno-like music and glow in the dark scenery. A person who use to be a part of Chris Brown’s camp told me he just couldn’t be around it anymore because it was just too much and he (the person) is just into smoking marijuana as their only drug of choice."

That's crazy!

Earlier this week, Chris Brown and Karreuche were spotted leaving a club together. Chris Brown sat in the back of the SUV with several women, while Karreuche rode shotgun. The thing is, homegirl did not look happy about it. Check out the video below:

I hope they had a "swinging" good time!