Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chris Brown Suing Drake Over The Club Brawl?

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Chris Brown has had a no-interview policy for a while now, but it looks like Breezy is falling back on his rule and accepting interviews. The talented singer recently did a radio interview with "Big Boy's Neighborhood" in L.A. and finally addressed the opportunity to fight Drake for charity. Even though Breezy said he couldn't talk about it, he still implied that if he could, he would most certainly knock Drake the hell out. Check out what he said below:

Drake and Chris brown

"The only reason I can't talk about it is because we're dealing with legal stuff. You know I'm trying to get paid and not trying to give out no information," Brown said in an interview referring to the Drake incident. "We don't talk about other guys. We just focus on the music. [Was it more of us hitting one another?] Nah. It's none of that. I'm more reserved and I box, so it would have been none of that. You know exactly what that means. [laughs]"

It's pretty interesting that Chris Brown said that he's "trying to get paid" - does that mean that Breezy is suing Drake over the club brawl? It sure sounds that way to me. I guess instead of giving Drake physical pain, Breezy is trying to hurt his pockets.


Sidenote - Breezy also spoke about going to the Barclay's Center with Rihanna to see the Jay-Z concert. Rumors were swirling that Jay-Z had a stern talking to Breezy and threatened to end his career....

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According to Chris Brown, although he did talk to Jay-Z in the green room at Barclay's, Jay never threatened him.

"No. No. No. Me and him had...It just was a lot of people," says Brown. "It's like a green room, backstage, you come and say what up to everybody and it was cordial...It was real respectful. It was nothing like that."

You can catch the entire interview below, where Breezy also answers a question about who he would take to a deserted island with him , Karrueche or Rihanna. His answer is pretty interesting, check it out below:

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