Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Game Bullying Another Artist?

AllHipHop Staff

A few months back, L.A. rapper Game clowned 40 Glocc and posted the video on the Internet for everyone to see. illseed had the jump on the story - you can read his rumor and watch the video here.

Well, Game is not done eating rappers for breakfast, and has tweeted that another beatdown video is on its way. This one features Bricksquad/Monopoly rapper, Ice Burgundy, who is down with Waka Flocka. Game claims to have almost pulled Burgundy out of a car, and says it was all caught on tape. Check out

Game's tweets below:

Game tweet

Well, according to Burgundy's Twitter page, Game is a bold faced liar. Check out Burgundy's tweet below:


Ice Burgundy and Game have had words with each other over Twitter in the past, and even planned to meet up and duke it out. The two allegedly bumped into each other last year before the planned fight at the Fox Hills Mall in L.A., and rumor has it that Burgundy knocked Game out cold!

Both claimed to have videos of their encounters with each other, but nothing has been released yet. So who do you believe? And, can't you get arrested for threatening people on social networks?