Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Game Going To Put Them Paws On Shyne?!

It sounds as if Game is still really upset with Shyne about the comments he made regarding Kendrick Lamar's album.

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So what is the Game going to do to get even? Well, it sounds as if he may be ready to put hands on Shyne. Check out what Game told MTVbelow:


"Whenever a shot is taken at Kendrick, I think that's the pool I'ma dive in head-first, whether there is water there or not," Game said in an interview. "Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, I don't know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or sh-- that nobody really wants to see happen. Kendrick is non-confrontational, he's not a thug, he's not a gang banger, he's just a dope, hip-hop lyricist, but he's from the streets and he got a lot of ties out here and a lot of good hood n---as with him and I'm one of them."


Question, how is Game going to come face to face with Shyne, if Shyne isn't even allowed in the USA? Is Game planning to go to Beliz? Someone please explain this to me? Oh, but wait, in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, Shyne said that he is working on a VISA to come back stateside by March 2013. Check out what he told us below:

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"We working on that and for whatever reason President Obama don’t see the benefit that I bring to the African and Latin-American impoverished communities throughout the United States of America,” Shyne told AllHipHop.com. “He doesn’t seem to get the fact that [there is] nobody more [qualified] than myself to speak to these kids in an honest way with integrity, that can influence them to change their lives and turn their lives around. He doesn’t get the fact that I’m the spokesperson to combat the violence in inner cities. But we working on getting that visa, so I should be in the United States in March of 2013, with or without Obama.”


Um, am I the only one that thinks that Shyne may have lost his marbles?!

Sidenote: That Game interview was not as hostile as it sounds in print. In the full interview, Game also talks about how he looked up to Shyne and followed his career. Check out the interview below:

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Is Game bipolar?

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