Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye West Ditching The Word B*tch?


After Jay-Z had his first child, Blue Ivy Carter, there were rumors that he was going to omit the word b*tch from his music. That rumor turned out to be false, but it did get people thinking about the possibility of Hip-Hop music without the B-word. Last night, Yeezy picked up where Hov had allegedly left off and decided to have a conversation with his twitter followers about the word B*tch and whether or not its offensive to woman. Kanye almost sounds like he's about to ditch the world all together. Check out Yeezy's long chain of tweets about the word B*tch and his struggle with using the N-word in his music. (read from the bottom up):

Kanye West tweets

Although Kim Kardashian said she was "honored" by Kanye's song "Bad B*tch," which is about her, perhaps she has told him something else behind closed doors? Kim's mom did speak out and say she wasn't too happy with it and Kim deleted the tweet where she said she was "honored" a short time later. Is Kim Kardashian sparking these positive changes in Yeezy?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

You didn't think Kanye was done with tweeting about the B word and the N word just yet did you? Check out another round of tweets from Yeezy below (read from the bottom up):

Kanye West Tweets

Yeezy brings up some good points? What do you think? If "bad" is put in front of it, does it make the B-word okay to use? In the last round of tweets from Yeezy, he questions whether or not he should still use the B-word in his music altogether. Read from the bottom up:

Kanye West tweets

Kanye makes some good points, but do you think he will really stop using the word B*tch in his music?

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