Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye West Playing Kim Kardashian For A Fool?

Kanye West is seemingly the man of the hour for being the last dude that was passed Kim Kardashian.

But, does Kanye have a master plan?

Now, I thought he was more or less being treated like a fool and a pawn to boost ratings of that reality show she has.

Well, I am hearing something far more sinister may be at work. I am hearing that Kanye West is basically playing Kim Kardashian. Apparently, Kanye is going to hit it and then basically use her for the massive publicity he can get from it. Lastly, he’s going to record a song or something to discuss the whole thing. I find that interesting that he’s apparently shared this with many in his immediate circle. Clearly there is a leak should this rumor be true.

Kim isn’t the most well-liked chick, but Kanye may be overstepping if he thinks America will side with him over the Armenian thicky.