Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Odd Future Responsible For Setting a Fire in Cali?

AllHipHop Staff

Yes, you read that right. Odd Future is being accused of burning down a palm tree on the famed Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. According to reports, one of the rappers launched a bottle rocket into the tree and set it ablaze. Check out the footage of the tree on fire below:

That's crazy! Did you see the awning to that pizza place go up in flames? That looked mighty dangerous. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stunt was a reference to lyrics for their song "Kill People Burn Shit F*ck School." Um, okay.


Odd Future has a OF pop-up located on the strip, and according to a recent LA Weekly article, the neighboring businesses are not too happy about it. Odd Future has allegedly been flooding the predominately Jewish neighborhood, with tourists and groupies. We hear there's even a TMZ tour bus that goes past their story daily. Really?