Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Slim Thug Delusional Or What?! Says He Should Have "Impregnated" Beyonce!

AllHipHop Staff

They should have never gave this dude Twitter!!! Slim Thug was once known for bringing the heat musically and representing for H-Town. Now, he hardly releases any music, and anytime he's in the news it's because he said something ignorant on Twitter. Well, unfortunately, the latter has won again.

Thugga went on a hilarious Twitter rant about regretting that he never "impregnated Beyonce." Hold up, but don't you have to at least sleep with the person first in order to impregnate them?! And for some reason, I highly doubt that Beyonce was letting Slim Thug cleaned out her pipes. Maybe in his dreams? Either way, check out Thugga's tweet below:

Slim Thug Tweet

If Slim Thug ever had any ambition to collab on a song with Jay-Z, he just blew his chances right there with that tweet. Sorry, Thugga!

Spotted at OhMyGahh.com

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