Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Soulja Boy On Bath Salts? Rapper Says He Wants To Eat SpaceGhostPurrp's Face

Fading rapper Soulja Boy has inserted himself into the A$AP Rocky/SpaceGhostPurrp feud, and has taken the side of A$AP Rocky, going as far as calling the Miami producer a "p*ssy" and even threatening to eat his face. Huh, where they do that at?

Check out a series of threatening tweets that Soulja Boy sent to SpaceGhostPurrp last night:


"Only reason I gave @SGhostPurrp a pass was because ASAP Rocky. Now that rocky doesn't f*ck with you. We gon eat yo face n*gga. Bath salts."

Asap Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp

"I swear to God on my mama, I want yo face n*gga. We gon eat that sh*t. bath salts. p*ssy. @SGhostPurrp"

SpaceGhostPurrp responded to Soulja Boy's threats, and let him know that he knows where to find him if he really wants it. Check out his responses below:

"Starting twitter beef aint g bruh you know where miami @ RT @souljaboy SPACE GHOST P*SSY.," he tweeted back.

"These n*ggas childish"

"This n*gga really rapping on twitter right now bruh lol this sh*t funny"


Crying at the BET Awards like a baby and then sending out these tweets - that ain't G Soulja Boy!