Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Stevie J A Woman Abuser?

AllHipHop Staff

Our friends over at The Grio.com have posted a scathing article calling Stevie J out as a woman abuser. No, not in the same sense as Memphitz, allegedly - but they say Stevie is emotionally abusive towards his baby mama, Mimi Faust and his girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.


The article was written by domestic violence survivor and advocate, Sil Lai Abrams, and she believes that although Stevie has publicly never laid a hand on the women, he is abusive towards them in other ways. Check out an excerpt of her article below:


Chronic infidelity is a form of abuse, as is bullying, name calling, put downs, intimidation and repeated threats of abandonment. Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wivesand its reality sistren consistently portray female cast members as belligerent, sexually manipulative, emotionally unstable and physically violent.

Mimi Faust and Stevie J

Those who sit in judgment of Joseline and Mimi don't understand that one of the consequences of abuse is its effect on a victim's mental health. The reality is that, women who are battered suffer from a disproportionately higher rate of mental health disorders. Look, I'm not a psychologist, but could it be possible that some of the “ratchet” behavior we ridicule on L&HHAor other exploitive “reality” shows are actually just a symptom of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that often results from being abused? And if that's the case, why are we laughing at women for having “normal” emotional responses to long-term trauma?

You can read the full article here. So, what do you think? Does Stevie J fall into the category of an emotionally abusive man?

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