Hip-Hop Rumors: It's Going To Be A Hot Summer - Lil' Wayne Says "F*ck Pusha-T"

It looks like G.O.O.D. Music's Pusha-T has really done something to push Lil' Wayne's buttons. Last night, Weezy sent out a very direct tweet calling Pusha-T out by name to his followers. Check out the tweet below:

Lil Wayne Tweet

We hear Lil' Wayne is upset because Pusha dropped a new track last night called "Exodus 23:1" that many feel is taking shots at Drake and Weezy. The lyrics is particular that we believe Weezy is taking offense to are below:

"Contract all f---ed / Explain up I guess that means you all f---ed up / You signed to one ni--- that signed to another ni--- that's signed to three ni--- / Now that's bad luck"

Check out the full Pusha-T track below:

Whoa, this is going to be one h*ll of a rap battle, if it actually happens. If you remember back in 2008, Lil' Wayne and Pusha T went at each other when Pusha and Malice aka The Clipse, accused Weezy of stealing their style. Pusha went in on both Wayne and Birdman in the intro for their mixtape, "We Got It For Cheap Volume 3", saying, "Don't make me turn daddy's lil' girl to orphan, that mean I'd have to kill Baby like abortion." The refrence to Baby is ofcourse Lil' Wayne's play father, Birdman. Nothing really materialized from this former beef, so we'll just have to wait and see if Weezy takes his disses from Twitter to wax.