Hip-Hop Rumors: Joe Budden Gets Clowned By Ex GF Tahiry On Twitter

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Joe Budden is getting ready to show you a whole lot of his behind-the-scenes life on the upcoming season of VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop New York", but if you follow him on Twitter, you already now that Joey puts it all out on the table. Unfortunately for him, so does his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose, whose popularity exploded due to her starring role on the short lived online show, "Joe Budden TV".

Joe Budden and Tahiry

Budden released his new mixtape, A Loose Quarter, on Tuesday, and while many people were excited about the release, Joe's ex boo was annoyed that Joe allegedly keeps mentioning her in his music. The newest member of "Love & Hip-Hop New York" made sure that her annoyance was felt in the Twitterverse, and tweeted the following to Joe:

"Flattered that @joebudden keeps rapping about me ... Acting like I can't get over him. knowing that I keep him relevant.”

“@joebudden feed the audience what u want I fight VH1 every episode they try to feed me with your sorry ass. U need me more than I’ll ever need u!"


Tahiry went in on Joe, and even threatened to see him.

“Matter fact I’m done tweeting. Imma see u !!! @joebudden believe that. I warned u!!!!”

I can't wait to see the drama that Joe, Tahiry, and Joe's new girl bring to the new season of "Love & Hip Hop". Will you be watching?

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