Hip-Hop Rumors: Joe Budden Kicks A Fan Out Of His Concert Over Tweet

AllHipHop Staff

When will people learn that tweeting something negative about someone can get you in hot water, especially if the person sees it and decides to track you down? Anyone remember when Maino and Ed Lover said "hi hater" to a girl at the mall who was tweeting about him acting like he was all that at the mall?

A girl named Paige learned that fateful mistake last night when she attended a Joe Budden concert and began tweeting about the venue being empty. Apparently, Joe Budden caught wind of the tweets and ordered his security to remove her from the venue. Things got so heated that Joey allegedly refused to go onstage until the girl was removed from the venue. Check out homegirl's tweets below:

Paige tweet

Damn, Joey is getting sensitive on us!

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