Hip Hop Rumors: Kanye Begging Bey To Be Bridesmaid??


The Carters aren't even attending the wedding, but that's not stopping Kim...

Kim Kardashian knows that if Bey comes down that aisle donning a bridesmaid dress, it'll be talked about for days, but word is Mrs. Carter just isn't having it.

National Enquirer is reporting, "Beyonce, who’s always had a cool relationship with Kim, hasn’t even agreed to attend – telling pals that being associated with reality star Kim ‘cheapens her brand!’ But Kim’s not a girl who takes no for an answer. She’s convinced Kanye can work a miracle and get Jay Z to talk Beyonce into it."

Kimmy Cakes can't get to her, so she put Yeezy on the job.

"Now Kanye’s between a rock and a hard place. He’s danced around the issue with Jay Z – who just laughs and says he can’t make Beyonce do much of anything she doesn’t want to do. And it’s pretty obvious she wants nothing to do with Kim and Kanye’s wedding," says a source.

Some things you gotta let go...The Carters having anything to do with this wedding is one of them. Wonder if they're even gonna allow playdates with Blue and North...