Hip-Hop Rumors: Kendrick Lamar Says The BET Fight "Ruined His Moment"

AllHipHop Staff

West Coast rap messiah, Kendrick Lamar, has let it be known that he is more than a little annoyed about the fight that broke out backstage at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. The rapper had just finished accepting his award for "Lyricist Of The Year" when he went backstage and heard about the fight. Check out what he told the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club this morning:

“It ruined my whole moment. Nobody wanted to talk about that Lyricist of the Year award. I went backstage and I’m hearing all type of rumbling and stuff and I’m like, ‘What’s happening?’”

“Next thing you know I found out it’s a scuffle or what not.”

I guess Kendrick won't be working with Rick Ross or Jeezy anytime soon.

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