Hip-Hop Rumors: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's K.Michelle Says She Wants To "Slap" Toya Carter

AllHipHop Staff

Do you watch VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta". If you do, you know all about singer K.Michelle, whose storyline alleges that her ex-boyfriend, music executive Memphitz physically abused her. She also accuses him of squandering her $2 million recording budget and using some of it to buy his wife, Toya Wright, an engagement ring.


If Toya Wright's name looks familiar, it's because she was previously Toya Carter and, of course, married to Lil' Wayne.

Lil' Wayne and Toya

Both Toya and Memphitz have denied the accusations and have used Twitter to speak out with Toya, even calling K.Michelle “a bonafide schizophrenic.” If you watch the show, you know K.Michelle is no punk. Rumor has it that she knocked out fellow cast member Rashida at the reunion show. It was a 1-2 punch-out, and we hear the ambulance had to be called. Anyway, K.Michelle went in on Toya on Twitter and threatened to "slap" her.


Check out K.Michelle's tweets below:

K.Michelle tweets

Oh, those references to K.Michelle's son are in response to Toya tweeting that K.Michelle's son was taken into government custody. You can't make this stuff up.

Side note - I just heard that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is the #1 show on cable TV right now. Do you watch the show? I watch, and Stevie J and Joseline are crazy. I bet they'll get their own spinoff show at some point. It seems like Chris Brown watches the show as well. On Monday, he instagram'd a photo of his "Stevie J" face. Check out the funny picture below:

Stevie J and Chris Brown

Nice impression, Breezy!