Hip-Hop Rumors: Ludacris Finally Addresses Big Sean Beef

You guys remember that beef between Ludacris and Big Sean that went down late last year? It all came to light when Ludacris released his new mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts, which contains a diss record to Drake and Big Sean called "Bada Boom", accusing the rappers of stealing his flow. Big Sean spoke about it in a few interviews, but we've never heard Luda speak about it until now.

In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Luda revealed that he and Big Sean actually had a sit down talk about their issues and resolved them. That's what I call manning up! Check out what Luda said below:

"We can keep is positive right now, we gonna stay off the negativity. We just gonna keep it in a positive direction. Let's do that -- [Did we chop it up?] We actually did, man, and he just addressed it, I believe, on BET."

Big Sean

"So, we had a show in Australia, yeah, we had a show in Australia and we actually got a chance to sit down. So that's why I said we gonna keep it positive right now. Everything's positive." 

Good to see that they put their differences behind them and decided to keep it moving. You can catch the full interview below: