Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco In Another Twitter Beef?

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Someone please revoke Lupe Fiasco's Twitter privileges. The rapper, who has recently verbally sparred on Twitter with fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, is back on his Twitter gangster.

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The outspoken rapper has taken aim on comedian D.L. Hughley, who recently criticized the rapper for confessing that he is not going to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

lupe-fiasco and dl-hughley

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the ways of the world. Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me," said D.L. Hughley to HOT 93.7 in Hartford.

After hearing about the comments, Lupe took to his Twitter account and barraged Hughly's Twitter with messages challenging him to "put up 50K" for "rural & inner city youth [programs]." Check out Lupe's tweets below (read from the bottom up):

Lupe Fiasco Tweets

Do you think Lupe has a point there? Maybe all of these celebrities should put their money where their mouth is! Jay-Z and Beyonce did last night, hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama that raised $5 million dollars for his campaign.

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So does Lupe make sense, or should he have his Twitter license revoked?

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