Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Confirms Rihanna Rumors, Says She Let Him "Watch The Throne"

It's about to get real hot in here! Rumor has it that Chris Brown dropped Meek Mill's verse off of the track "Don't Judge Me" from his Fortune CD, because of his alleged extracurricular activities with his ex Rihanna.

rihanna and meek millat the strip-club

Well, Meek Mill pretty much confirmed both rumors via his Twitter the other day, and threw some shade at Breezy at the same time. Check out Meek Mill's tweet below:

Meek Mill deleted the tweet shortly after it posted, but it seems as if Chris Brown may have seen the confession. Breezy later tweeted "She's a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!"


This is subliminal overload! Rihanna's done started a Twitter war between these two. Expect a freestyle addressing the matter from one of these two soon.