Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Says Rihanna Rumors "F*cking Up His Life"

Meek Mill has done several interiews this week proclaiming that contrary to the rumors, he and Rihanna are just friends, or to put it the way he did, "She likes my music, and that's that".

The rapper recently opened up and told Rap-Up.com that the media linking him to Rihanna has been "ruining his life," specifically his love life. You see, Meek has a girlfriend back home in Philly. Check out what he said about the alleged affair below:

"Rihanna, she was on Twitter talking about she liked a few of my songs on Twitter. And I think the blog game took it to another level. I actually got a girl at home. I be arguing with my girl about blogs and interviews about her. I don’t really be trying to go there with my girlfriend over blogs. It be f*cking up my life a little bit,” stated Meek.

rihanna and meek millat the strip-club

Wait, but what about Rihanna celebrating his birthday with him at a strip club? Meek has an answer for that, too.

"[Rihanna] might have been at the same place as me, but that don’t mean we was together. She a cool person, I met her before, she like my music, and that’s that.”

Well, I guess Meek isn't getting a slice of that "cake" after all.