Hip-Hop Rumors: More 2Chainz! Man Smashes Woman's Jaw On Tour Bus?

AllHipHop Staff

What in the world?

2Chainz' tour bus is turning out to be something else. Not only did the cops tow the bus with a bunch of people on it, but the rapper was arrested for possession of drugs too. 

Now the word is a female who was on board one of the buses associated with the T.I., Lil Wayne, 2Chainz was beaten up pretty bad by some joker on the bus.

The girl said that she was invited on to the bus so she brought one of her girls. That's when things got worse. One of the perv's on the bus tried to put his hand down the girl's shirt.

Here's the cray part.

She smacked the dude and he clocked her in the face so hard she flew out of the tour bus. This supposedly happened right before 2Chainz was popped for drug possession.

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