Hip-Hop Rumors: Music Exec Memphitz Responds To The K.Michelle Abuse Allegations

AllHipHop Staff

Music Executive Memphitz has finally spoken out to tell his side of the story regarding his alleged abuse of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star K.Michelle. If you follow the show, you already know how K.Michelle's entire story line revolves around her putting the pieces of her life back together after getting beat by Memphitz.


In the interview with TT Torrez, Memphitz describes an incident with K. Michelle at a hotel room where he allegedly hit her. Memphitz says that he never hit her and it was actually her who was "swinging" on him. He did admit to putting his hands over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He also addressed the "I MADE YOU " tweet. Check out the interview below:

He ends the call by wishing K.Michelle well and tells her she needs to "go get help." You know what they say, there's three sides to every story, right.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be airing it's finale show tonight at 8PM EST on VH-1. I just heard that this show is the #1 show on cable T.V. And the theme song you hear at the beginning is written and performed by Harlem rapper Cardi aka Cardan. This is the life!