Hip-Hop Rumors: New Blue Ivy Carter Photos Leak And She Looks Like A Perfect Mix Of Jigga And Bey

AllHipHop Staff

New photos of the heir to the Carter throne, Blue Ivy Carter, have leaked, and the baby is absolutely adorable. MediaTakeOuthas somehow gotten their hands on some exclusive photos of Beyonce and Blue, and the baby looks like a perfect mix of her mommy and daddy. Check the photos below:

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter
Bey and Blue

She looks like Beyonce from the nose up and has Jay-Z's lips and chin. The combination works for little Blue Ivy and she is just precious. Beyonce has been sharing tons of pictures on her tumblr. When is she going to release some good pictures of Blue? She needs to go ahead and do that already, since these are the second grainy photos to leak of the baby, and I'm sure they don't do her any justice. Come on, Bey and Jay, don't you think it's time to release some new photos of Blue?