Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Claims Mariah Carey Called Her A "B*TCH"

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It seems as if those pesky rumors regarding Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey not getting along on the set of "American Idol" are true. TMZ leaked a video earlier this week of Nicki Minaj going off on Mariah Carey, even threatening to "knock her out". If you missed that, you can watch the video below:

<iframe id="kaltura_player_1349298684" style="border: 0px solid #ffffff;" src="http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/index.php/kwidget/wid/1_2pfms8wc/uiconf_id/6740162/st_cache/63505?referer=http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_4f12efd5&" width="640" height="360"></iframe>

Well now, a source close to Nicki Minaj says that before the video began, Mariah Carey was berating Nicki and called her a b*tch numerous times. Check out how TMZ reports it below:

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

Mariah Carey fired the first shots in her "American Idol" war with Nicki Minaj ... calling the rapper a "bitch" multiple times ... this according to sources close to Minaj.

According to our sources, Nicki is adamant ... in the moments before the TMZ video begins, Mariah repeatedly berated her ... until Nicki finally had enough and exploded.

We're told ... Nicki feels Mariah has been wasting everyone's time by constantly praising herself instead of focusing her energy on critiquing the contestants.

One source tells us, "She keeps bringing up how many records she's sold, name dropping people she's worked with, how many tours she's done, and how many Grammys or awards she's won ... Nicki is tired of it."

Mariah Carey and Ryan Seacrest and Nicki Minaj

Regardless of who started it, Nicki needs to simmer down. If "Idol" has to choose between her or Mariah, Nicki is going to get kicked to the curb and ruin an amazing experience to expand her brand to a new audience. Plus, Nicki was looking very unprofessional in the video, and took on the alter ego of the stereotypical angry, Black woman. Nicki, please put Roman away and bring dear old Nicki back. We'd hate to see you lose this opportunity and get a diva reputation over someone annoying you because their "name dropping." Get over yourself, Nicki!

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