Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Credits Irv Gotti For Inspiring "Moment For Life"

Nicki Minaj's hit "Moment For Life" was recently used in her Pepsi commercial as part of her ‘Live For Now’ campaign. During a behind-the-scenes interview with TheInsider.com on the set for the ad spot, Nicki revealed that producer and former Murder Inc. label head, Irv Gotti, gave her the inspiration for the track. Check out what she said below:

irv gotti

"When I was writing my first album, ‘Pink Friday,’ I had a conversation with one of my really good friends, his name is Irv Gotti, and we had this really interesting conversation where he told me ‘enjoy this moment, you’ll never get this moment ever again,’ you’ll never be the ‘new girl on the scene’ ever again, and so I went into the studio. I heard this amazing track, and right there in the moment I kind of wished I could freeze everything that was happening because it just felt so exciting, people were all of a sudden interested in me. As an underground artist, I wasn’t really used to that.

"I just started singing, “I wish that I could have this moment for life.” I went in the booth and started singing it. I never wrote it down. I just felt that’s what the track was saying."

Irv inspired a lot of hits in his day - glad to see he's still got it!


In related news, Nicki also credits Beyonce for having the Pepsi commercial that influenced her the most. Check out what she said below about King B:

"Out of the people that have done something with Pepsi, I think I was probably the most influenced by the Beyonce commercial, because I felt like this is a young black girl, early on in her career and she’s doing something so iconic and I never thought in a billion years that Pepsi would reach out to someone like me."

Check out the video interview and behind-the-scenes footage below: