Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Goes HAM On The Breakfast Club!


Nicki Minaj was not trying to hear the pleas being copped by the hosts of the popular Power 105.1 Breakfast Club morning show earlier this week, when she gave them a stern tongue lashing for not being prepared for their interview with her. Nicki went in on DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne, questioning how they are even on the radio with such poor interviewing skills. BURN!

The breakfast Club

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below, as well as the painful video of Nicki shoving her stiletto very far up their butts.

Nicki Gets Turnt Up & Goes Off on DJ Envy
Why don’t you have the songs cued up though? I wanna hear ‘High School,’ I wanna hear ‘Hell Yeah,’ I wanna hear ‘I’m Legit,’ I wanna hear ‘Up in Flames.’ Y’all don’t even know these songs. You guys clearly don’t support me, neither does Clue, but that’s neither here nor there. Those are the songs that I would like y’all to play. I don’t understand why I’m coming to radio and y’all don’t even have my songs ready.[...]That’s the main focus of the kid coming to the radio. *banging her fists on the table* When the kid comes to the radio, the kid comes to hear her songs on the radio!

DJ Envy and Nicki Minaj

What music are you playing? Don’t cut this off. This is what I don’t like about y’all New York people. Y’all d–k ride stuff that got a big name on it. It’s other great records on there so let’s go. Like, stop, y’all need to start trying to break records and start listening to people’s music. This is a continuation of what I was saying to (DJ) Clue last night, and Clue you ain’t even up yet. You lazy. Bye.

Nicki’s Reaction When Angela Yee Said She Hadn’t Seen The Music Video for “Freedom”
How are y’all on radio, especially if you know an artist is about to come up to your show and you know, she just put out a video…what would make you not watch it? When I go to the UK my fans are like, ‘Oh you always have the best interviews out there,’ because it’s a knowledgeable interview. They know what they’re talking about. They’ve done the research. Even when I do magazine interviews it’s such a turnoff when people don’t know anything that they’re talking to me about. Like, how are you gonna ask me about a video and you haven’t even seen it. The video is four minutes.

Angela Yee

Angela: In all fairness, we did watch your E! series, we did watch all your videos up to now, we did listen to the whole album ,we know all the songs on the album.

Nicki: What’s your favorite song on the album?

Angela: I do like “High School” and I do like “Freedom.”

Nicki: Because those are the only two being played on the radio.[...]Y’all just gotta do a better job of researching especially if somebody is coming up to your station.[...]I love you Angela because you and I have always had the best interviews. I don’t know what’s happening now that you are with these boys, but when you and I used to do interviews on your other show (Lip Service), you knew everything. Y’all either want to discuss something personal, or not discuss anything that I’m here to talk about. How do you not watch a video of an artist that’s coming on your show? Of the single?[...]It’s fake and y’all not prepared. If you’re gonna support me then you’re gonna watch stuff and prepare yourself and ask me relevant questions to what I’m promoting right now.


I’m gonna start holding y’all responsible and up to a certain standard. If every other artist wants to come up here and be fake, I’m not doing it no more. If y’all gonna interview me, at least give me the respect to do some research prior to the interview. I’m not here for your entertainment. I’m here to talk about something and you know what I’m here to talk about so figure it out. And all you want to talk about is some damn American Idol, but you guys are on the radio from my hometown! And that’s the point. What are you gonna play now? Are you gonna play ‘Freedom’? Maybe Angela is gonna imagine what the video is gonna look like.

Damn, Nicki went in on them! Lesson learned, make sure you watch Nicki's new video before you interview her live on the air. Check out the video below:

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