Hip-Hop Rumors: Once Upon A Time, Kanye West Slayed Game In A Rap Battle

AllHipHop Staff

Game is in super promo mode for his upcoming album, Jesus Piece, so expect the never-before-heard stories and name dropping to start flowing from him. In a recent sit down with Vlad TV, Game recalls a story where he lost a rap battle to Kanye West. "College Dropout" Kanye West, that is. According to Game, the battle took place after a party in a parking structure, after a few girls egged them on to battle one another. Game tells a good story. Check out what he said below:

"Ye rapped first, and he spit and it was that old College Dropout Kanye, and he got off and he really did his thing.”

"I gave him probably about 40 bars, just rapping fire, and then he came and he spit like 40 bars. I took it up, and I ended up rapping for like three or four minutes…I felt like I won, and then Kanye, just out of nowhere, started going in about how I thought I was the ‘savior and watch my behavior’ – he just really started going in, and the chicks started being like, ‘Oooh, aah,’ and once the chicks start chiming in, it’s pretty much over.”

Do you think Kanye West could beat Game in a battle today? Check out Game tell the full battle story below:

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