Hip-Hop Rumors: Portland Fans Pissed At Snoop? 2Chainz and The Constitution!! NEW JAY Z!


I am hearing that Snoop Dogg has some majorly pissed off fans in Portland. It seems that Snoop Lion had a show in Portland a few days ago. That sounds about right. But numerous fans were pissed off that Snoop showed up to the venue like 3 hours late. A DJ tried to hold down the opening set, but things got hectic when the crowd started booing. Then they got really heated and started throwing bottles at the stage. Snoop DID show up, but he only did a 30 minute set. To be fair to Snoop, I heard this was like only the second time he has screwed up a show in Portland, but last time it was the same thing too. Maybe Snoop isn't feeling Portland, or maybe he's feeling their bud a little too much when he gets there. I heard the promoter is considering legal action, cause Snoop was supposed to be on at like 10pm and didn't get on the stage til 1.


2Chainz got busted in Oklahoma City in a scenario that seems like it could be in the sequel to CB4. So the affidavit was just released and here's what happened. Some cops pulled the bus over for bad tail lights. When they attempted to get on the bus, the cop said he could actually see a plume of smoke drifting around the bus. Damn they didn't even stop chiefin when the cops stopped them. Anyway, the bus driver refused to open the door. The funny part is, a guy in 2Chainz entourage held up a copy of the Constitution and shook his fingers at the cops. They ended up towing the whole bus with everyone on it and they found some weed on it. They also found some other narcotics, which means 2Chainz could be facing more charges. Isn't the Constitution written on hemp paper? Maybe they were gonna smoke that next LOL!

Future and Ciara are balling out of control. The power couple hit the VMA's in a private helicopter, then turned around and had the nerve to buy the newest car Bentley had made. The two dropped over $400k in total to scoop up the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. I am trying not to hate on Future, since he's doing it so big right now. But he better be careful. Don't forget he has two babby momma's claiming that they need more money for child support for Future's kids. Anyway, check out the Bentley.



Has Hov inked a new deal with Facebook or something? They are rolling out their new embed function on their posts. So Jay just dropped his video "Holy Grail" with Justin Timberlake using Facebook. Check it out.