Hip-Hop Rumors: Prodigy Responds To Havoc - Gives Him Props?

AllHipHop Staff

On Friday, AllHipHop.com's exclusive interview with Havoc shook Hip-Hop to its core when Havoc admitted to sending those tweets accusing Prodigy of being bisexual. Check out Part I and Part II of the interview below.

Well, the following day, after the initial video with Havoc broke, Prodigy responded on Twitter. Somehow those tweets went under the radar, but we have them for you below. Oddly enough, Prodigy gives Havoc props for his work on HNIC, but also tweets out some telling lyrics. Check out Prodigy's response to Havoc's confession to sending the tweets:

"jealousy, n*ggas want bullets in my head envy, n*ggas wanna catch me slippin', but never that... http://youtu.be/KcnvRW_mc0o," he tweeted July 28th.


"RT #Scorpios are intensely loyal to those they love and care about"

"i love the 90's. but i aint stuck in that mu'f*cka."

"we aint really wit that talkin' b*tch we bout that action... http://youtu.be/WKSIP4BozVo "

"S/O to all my followers and infamous lifers who bought that #HNIC3 let em know! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/h.n.i.c.-3-deluxe/id537765998 ... "

"S/O to the ppl part of #HNIC3 @mobettabrown @Willie_Day26 @DarealEsther @realwizkhalifa @tip @VaughnAnthony1 @BoogzBoogetz @plaintruthent"

Do you think Mobb Deep can ever get over their differences and get back in the studio together?



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