Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Defends Slick Rick's Halftime Disaster

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Rap pioneer, Slick Rick the Ruler, was mercilessly booed during his halftime performance at the Barclays Center a few days back, during the Brooklyn Nets vs. NY Knicks game. If you haven't seen it, check out the video below of his performance:

Some people felt that his song selection was off, while DJ Kid Capri tweeted that it wasn't his fault because Slick Rick didn't have the "monitors to hear the music correctly." Whatever it was, Slick Rick didn't sound like himself and the fans let him hear it.

Longtime NY Daily News basketball beat writer, Frank Isola went in on Slick Rick on Twitter questioning his rap legend status. Check out a few of his tweets below:

Frank Isola tweet
Frank Isola tweet

Yes, dude really said that the only Hip Hop legend named Rick is Rick Ross!!! You can only imagine the amount of backlash this sportswriter received on twitter, and it was not pretty. I guess someone put Rick Ross on to what was going on and Rozay decided to speak on it on Twitter and show respect to Slick Rick. Check out what he tweeted below:

Rick Ross tweet

Salute to Rick Ross for saluting Slick Rick the Ruler! He's still a legend! And to Frank Isola, get some Hip-Hop history under your belt before you start making silly comments your *ss can't cash!


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