Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Says He "Tried To Choke" Jeezy At The BET Hip-Hop Awards!

AllHipHop Staff

Rick Ross is finally opening up and speaking out about the incident between him and Jeezy at the BET Hip-Hop Awards earlier this year, and it seems as if Rick Ross still has some unfinished business with the snow man. Check out what he told Felisha Monet from 99 Jamz in Miami below:

“This is nothing personal to me. At the BET Awards it basically just boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him and we crossed paths I said ‘what's up?' soon as he said ‘what's up?' I tried to choke him. His security guards hemmed me up; whoever the big black dude with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas.”

50 Cent and Rick Ross

Ross got jokes! The bawse must have been in an open and honest mood, because he even spoke about his ongoing feud with 50 Cent and how he's nice with his hands.

“I'm a hands on type dude. I'm better with my hands than I am at making music. So it's not personal but if I see Young Jeezy again will I try to choke him? I don't know that's an option. If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all but it's an option.”

Somebody get that boxing promoter on the phone! Hell, someone get 50 Cent on the phone - isn't he a boxing promoter now? Maybe he can negotiate a match between Jeezy and Ross. I'd love to see that! But hold up, in the interview Ross reveals that he may go out and get a boxing license, too, so he and 50 can have something else to beef about. Crazy!

You can check out the interview with Ross and 99 Jamz below, where he also explains the reason why GunPlay got separated from MMG and ended up becoming a target for 50 and his boys in the parking lot: