Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Says Meek Mill "Wasn't Involved" In Bottle Fight

MMG bawse, Rick Ross, has spoken out in defense of Meek Mill and told MTV Rapfix that his protege "wasn't involved" in the Drake vs. Chris Brown bottle fight in NYC a few weeks back. Check out what he said about the bottle fight below:

"I know Meek. I know the situation he's in, I know where he comes from. I know that's something that he won't get involved in."


"I wasn't there so I won't make a comment other than it was unfortunate for everybody that was in there," he said. "But I know the homey, we seen each other that night, and that wasn't his mind-set. He wasn't involved in that."

So, if both Chris Brown and Ross are clearing Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj is saying that Drake "did nothing wrong," who's to blame for the huge bottle fight that injured several people and got a nightclub shut down?

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