Hip-Hop Rumors: Rita Ora Is Following Rihanna's Blueprint Faithfully! Rita Now Linked To Drake!

Although Roc Nation artist Rita Ora says that Beyonce is her idol, it seems as if she is really following in the footsteps of Rihanna. First Rita took Rihanna's style, then she stole her song, and now her sloppy seconds?

According to The Sun Rita was seen making out with rapper Drake after his show in Newcastle, UK. Check out what they printed below:

The pair were spotted kissing backstage at his Newcastle gig this week, where Rita was the warm-up act. Rita’s new single, "R.I.P", is written by Canadian hip-hop star Drake – and they have known each other for ages.

A source says: “Rita and Drake have been good friends for a while now but things seemed more serious this week.

“They were all over each other backstage at the gig on Monday and weren’t trying to hide it.”

I'm not sure following Rihann'a blueprint is going to work for Rita Ora. Just be yourself, sweetheart!