Hip-Hop Rumors: Ryan Leslie Cries While Addressing NY Post's "Rap Weasel" Cover

AllHipHop Staff

Last week, a jury of his peers decided that songwriter/producer extraordinaire Ryan Leslie had to pay $1 million to the man who found his missing laptop. You see, Leslie had put out a $1 million reward for the missing laptop because it contained a boatload of new music. Although the laptop was returned, according to Leslie, the hard drive was destroyed, and he was not able to get any of the music off of it, so in his mind the reward was void. The jury did not agree with Leslie and ordered him to pay up.


During a recent performance, Leslie described the moment he saw the NY Post cover, which was splashed with his photo along with the headline "Rap Weasel." As a Harvard grad, I know Leslie probably never saw this coming. As he described the moment he saw the cover to his fans, Leslie got teary-eyed. Check out what he said below:

"And so I woke up today to go get me some orange juice and the lady who works at the deli was like, 'oh man, you done got on the front page of the paper today,' and I looked at the headline and it said "rap weasel."

I guess the jury felt that even though he didn't get the music back, he still got his laptop back, which was what the reward was for - plus, nobody really knows if the music was really on there or not when he got the laptop back. Check out the video below of Ryan Leslie addressing the NY Post cover: