Hip-Hop Rumors: Saigon Reveals How His Beef With Prodigy Originated

Saigon has just released his new album, Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses, you can check out our exclusive review of the album below:

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The Yardfather has been on a publicity run for his new album and has finally revealed the true origins of his beef with Prodigy from the legendary group Mobb Deep. Apparently, it all started from Roc-A-Fela artist, Tru Life, robbing Prodigy. Check out what he said below:


"The sh*t started with Tru Life. That sh*t wasn't even my beef. Tru had robbed them n*ggas, and me and Tru like brothers, before rap. I came up with Tru. So when Tru got in the rap game, he was on some hood rule apply sh*t -- Prodigy stole $15,000 from Tru Life. Not stole it, but he did a verse for him and went and did the same verse and took the money, and then went and did the same verse on some other sh*t. Tru was like, 'Aight, give me another verse.' Son kept ducking. They did what they did with that. I ended up guilty by association. They trying to say, you went on TV and burned our CDs. I didn't burn CDs, I had a handful of CDs, I was like, all this sh*t is garbage to me. I wasn't singling out Mobb Deep."

Interesting. You can watch the interview below:

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