Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired? Are You Feeling Swizz Beatz's New York Knicks Theme Song?

AllHipHop Staff

Although Swizz Beatz is a good friend of Jay-Z, and his wife Alicia Keys is a recent collaborator with Jigga, Swizzy makes it clear that he's riding with the original NY team, The New York Knicks! At a recent press junket at Madison Square Garden earlier this week, Swizz revealed to the fans that he produced the new New York Knicks theme song and also had a few words about the "new place" in town.

"Now, I know there's a lot of things going on around town with a bunch of other new places, but there's no place like the Garden. There's no team like the New York Knicks...[and] this year, I sat down with the fellas, and they said it's showtime. What time is it? It's Knicks time...I want y'all to get used to that all year 'cus they're coming out harder, stronger, better, and they're coming to rush the building."

Did Swizzy just take a few shots at the Barclays Center? Take a look at the video below courtesy of Page 31.

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