Hip-Hop Rumors: Sigh....The Tax Man Is After Yet Another Rapper

AllHipHop Staff

Another rapper may be getting locked up for not paying their taxes. TMZ is reporting that rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav is in the hole with the IRS for nearly $1 million, stemming from unpaid taxes from 2004-2006. The owed taxes corellate with Flav's rise to reality show fame when he starred in VH1's " The Surreal Life", "Strange Love", and "Flavor of Love."


According to documents filed recently by the Department of the Treasury, Flav owes $52, 243.47 for 2004, $303,035.93 for 2005 and $550,971.16 for 2006 ... for a whopping total of $906,250.56. I hope Flav's new chicken spots are pulling in some serious dough. He's going to need it.

Good luck, Flav!