Hip-Hop Rumors: Slim The Mobster Goes In On 50 Cent - Says "I Can No Longer Let Thes H*mo N*ggas Get Away With Sucker Sh*t"

AllHipHop Staff

L.A. rapper Slim The Mobster went HAM on 50 Cent on Twitter yesterday, making allegations that 50 shut down the promotion of his music over at Interscope. In the epic Twitter rant, Slim acknowledged that what he was about to tweet could potentially get him dropped from his record deal. "Today I might get dropped," tweeted Slim, "cuz I can no longer let these homo a-** straight n*gga's get away with this sucker a** s-h*t." Wow. Check out his tweets below:

Slim The Mobster tweet

What do you think Dr. Dre is going to say about all of this? Do you think Slim the Mobster just torpedoed his career?


50 Cent has yet to respond.