Hip-Hop Rumors: Still No Detox In Sight, But Dr. Dre Finds Time To Appear In Kendrick Lamar's "The Recipe" Music Video

AllHipHop Staff

The myth that is Detox is no closer to release than it was 10 years ago. Instead, Dr. Dre is finding the time to appear in his new signee's music video, Kendrick Lamar's "The Recipe".

The Doctor was in the house earlier this week when the two shot the music video at a Malibu mansion. ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul also stopped by the set to show their Black hippie support for the Compton rapper.

I guess hanging out at a Malibu mansion with a bunch of bikini clad babes ranks higher on the list than completing Detox for Dr. Dre these days. What can you do!? Check out the photos from the set of "The Recipe" below, courtesy of ScHoolboy Q's instagram:

Dr. Dre
ScHool Boy Q

Kendrick Lamar is currently prepping his major label debut via Aftermath/Interscope/TDE.

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Cora Hackett
Cora Hackett

I am expecting it for a very long time that Doctor Dre is going to release his new song. However, it is pretty much obvious that he is not interested in working on his own projects that are bothering me. He can be observed in the songs of other individuals like Kendrick Lamar’s album. Such songs give me motivation to keep following paleo diet meal plan as per the directions. I am not criticizing his appearance in that song but he should surely work on his own projects. We are waiting for his new projects.