Hip-Hop Rumors: Swizz Beatz Responds To Bangladesh - "Don't Let This Clown Pump You Up"

AllHipHop Staff

Earlier this week in an interview with XXL Magazine, Bangladesh was quoted as saying that Swizz Beatz is not "relevant" and the only reason people still check for him is because he's married to superstar Alicia Keys.


Talk about a low blow. We'll Swizzy was not going to take that lying down. In a recent interview with Thisis50, Swizz responded to Bangladesh's claims and went in on him. Check out what Swizz said below:

"Y’all going to start this relevant shit?" said Swizz. "Don’t let this clown pump you up with this relevant. We at this video shoot right now. But you know anyways man, it’s all positive energy from me. I can’t get in that zone. I’m just happy to be here. Been doing this since 1998, 300 million-something sold. Domestically."

You can check out the interview with Swizzy below:

Bangladesh had already back peddled on his statements on his twitter, tweeting:


You gotta watch what you say in these interviews. Do you believe Bangladesh when he says that his interview was edited to make it look like he was bad mouthing Swizz?