Hip-Hop Rumors: This Is Getting Ridiculous! Breezy Copies Rihanna's New Tat!

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Okay, these two are just getting ridiculous now. Days after Chris Brown debuted a tattoo on his neck that looks exactly like a battered Rihanna.......

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Chris Brown's Tattoo of Rihanna?

.......Breezy went back to the tattoo parlor and got another tattoo that is exactly in the same unorthodox spot that Rihanna got tatted at.

Rihanna Tattoo

Yesterday, Breezy's tattoo artist, John Petro, tweeted a photo of Brown with an etch of a fighter jet underneath his chest and right above his ribs along with the message:

"About to go in on this #fighterjet #f16 #plane #tattoo on #chrisbrown."

Chris Brown

Breezy instagram'ed a photo of the finished product, which is in the same shape as Rihanna's latest tattoo, which was a tribute to her late grandmother, Gran Dolly. Breezy's tat is also in the exact same place as Rihanna's tattoo.

Chris brown

Who goes and gets a tattoo under their chest?! Breezy and Rihanna, that's who! They just need to get together already, if they aren't already, and call it a day. They are starting to look really ridiculous!

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