Hip-Hop Rumors: Transgendered Groupie Admits She Lied On Chingy!

AllHipHop Staff


Damn Chingy! Dude was doing OK and they the Tranny Sidney Starr came along! And guess what? His career was over! Sike, Chingy was finished before she came along. But still, she poured a pound of salt in the wound when she said he was screwing…him. Or something. Whatever. She lied and said they had a relationship and they didn't.

Chingy and Sidney

I don't think people gave him the benefit of the doubt though. She destroyed his rep as a MAN. That's just FOUL. I think she owes Chingy a fair one. Call that dude Damon the boxer.

She/he finally admitted that she lied about the whole affair. You can check out her admitting that she lied on tape here.