Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina's "No Show" Causes Promoter To Sue

Miami rapper/Lil' Wayne's alleged new girlfriend, Trina, is about to be sued for allegedly not showing up for a scheduled performance in St. Louis. According to TMZ, a local promoter paid Trina 7 racks in advance to perform at a club called Imperial Palace in St. Louis on May 19, and says that he lost thousands of dollars when Trina was a "no show" at the club.


The promoter is alleging that several people asked for their money back, and he is suing Trina for a total of $16K in fees for promotional costs and other damages. Trina's people are countering that account, saying that Trina told the promoter about a conflict in her schedule way in advance and even tried to give back the $7K advance, but the promoter refused it.

Trina’s rep believes the promoter falsely advertised the event as a Trina concert, knowing in advance Trina wouldn’t be performing. Trina’s rep says the rapper is now weighing legal options of her own.