Hip-Hop Rumors: Tupac's Family Calls Suge Knight A Liar!

A few weeks ago, former Death Row head honcho Suge Knight did a radio interview with Howard Stern, where he claimed that Tupac did not want to work with Dr. Dre because of his alleged sexual preference. Well, Tupac's family is speaking out against Suge Knight and has told TMZ that Suge's claims are "totally false."


The source inside Tupac's estate says that the rapper was not homophobic, and points to his close relationship with the late designer Gianni Versace, who lived his life as an openly gay man. Tupac was also a huge public supporter of Versace, and even walked in one of his fashion shows in Italy back in 1996.


So, there you have it. Do you think Suge Knight is making up stories about Tupac to stay in the limelight? Is his hate for Dr. Dre that deep that he is lying on a dead man to get revenge? This is some sick stuff!