Hip-Hop Rumors: Tyga Kicked Out Of A Casino For Possession?!

AllHipHop Staff

Maybe YMCMB rapper Tyga should just stay out of Las Vegas. Earlier this year, he was arrested while in Sin City on an outstanding warrant. Now, we are hearing that he was on the verge of getting arrested again after allegedly getting kicked out of a Vegas Casino for being caught with that yayo...the white horse..you know, blow. These are all rumors, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Tyga Mug Shot

According to Diary Of A Hollywood Street King, sources say Tyga was allegedly kicked out of the Casino after "a bag of cocaine fell out of his pocket, as he took $700 of cash out to exchange it for casino chips." A casino employee allegedly spotted the stash on the floor and alerted security.

“When the blow hit the floor Tyga said to the casino rep ‘That’s not mine. I don’t know who’s that is, or where it came from.”

They say security let Tyga go instead of calling the police and escorted him out of the casino. I wonder if he was "Faded."