Hip-Hop Rumors: Wacka Flocka Says Beef With Wiz Khalifa Started Over A Blunt

Lawda Mercy! Now rappers are beefing because of a blunt! How petty can one be. In a recent interview with MTV's "POV", Wacka Flocka says the beef with Wiz Khalifa started when the two were in a studio together, and Wacka claims he gave Wiz three ounces of weed and Wiz couldn't hang.


Somehow the info that Wiz couldn't keep up with Wacka's smoking ended up on Twitter, and in his defense, Wiz tweeted, "nah lil' homie" and Wacka though that was "disrespectful".

Wacka also goes on to say that he is responsible for Wiz's sound. Check out what he said below:

Lex Luger - Producer

"I gave him [Wiz] a whole CD of Lex [Luger] beats and that's how he got that sound." "I ain't personally give it to him, I gave Lex his stuff and that's how they hooked up."

Wiz must have heard about the interview with Wacka. Check out what he just tweeted below:

Wiz Tweet

This all sounds a little petty to me. This can't be the real reason Wacka is beefin' with Wiz. This just can't!