Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Jay-Z's Lateness To Blame For Missed Duet With Rihanna?

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On Wednesday night, Rihanna ended her 777 tour in NYC at Webster Hall. The raunchy singer was reportedly annoyed with her "big brother" Jay-Z because he strolled in very late to her show and missed what was supposed to be a huge surprise performance for her fans. Check out the way the NY Daily News is reporting it:

"Superstar rapper Jay-Z fans almost got a special addition to her concert on Wednesday night: A performance by Jay-Z. A source reveals the rapper and mentor to the 24-year-old pop star meant to perform alongside Rihanna at her Webster Hall show, “but things didn’t work out.” Instead, Jay-Z caught the singer’s last show in her “#777” concert series from the sound area of the VIP section. While he didn’t join Rihanna backstage after the show for pizza and red wine with DJ Reflex, who opened for her, he did pop by her album release party for “Unapologetic” at 40/40 Club. But Riri still missed Jay: The notoriously tardy pop star didn’t arrive till nearly 2 a.m., for cognac and chicken wings with her family, while Jay-Z stopped in around 1 a.m. for a single drink, then called it a night."

At least he was there for the photo opp, Ri Ri.

Rihanna and Jay-Z

Wait, is that Rihanna's grandfather in the photo with them. Crazy!

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