Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Rihanna Drunk At Her Last Performance?

Poor Rihanna. She just lost her Grandmother Dolly over the weekend, and at the same time, she's been dealing with being called "Helen Of Troy" due to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and her more recent fling Drake bottle-fighting over her in a NYC club. So, who can blame the girl for having a drink or two to take the edge off?

Rihanna and Gran Gran Dolly

Well, according to several fans at Rihanna's recent performance at the Peace and Love Festival in Sweden, Ri Ri had one drink too many, and was allegedly drunk out of her mind while on stage. Rihanna had no choice but to perform on the very day that her grandmother passed away, and we hear that her performance was terrible. But who expects Rihanna to be sexy and gyrate on stage the same day her "gran gran" died?!


Rihanna allegedly was so drunk on stage that she got the name of the country she was in wrong, referring to Sweden as Norway, and was wobbling all over the stage and allegedly slurring her words. Her Swedish fans were so turned off that they allegedly walked out of her performance in droves and roasted the pop star on Twitter.

Poor girl. I hope Rihanna can take some time off and heal from her recent loss.