Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Rodney King Murdered? - Plus illseed Quickies!

I have not been keeping up with what is going on these days with the sad, tragic death of Rodney King, but there are rumors coming out of that house. They are speculating that the man that said weepingly, "Can't we all just get along," may have been murdered.

According to witnesses, Rodney and his fiancee were having a fight, and he threatened to leave her. Later in the night, they heard him crying and sobbing uncontrollably, then complete silence. THEN A SPLASH! They said she kept trying to get him to come in the house, and he didn't comply.

On the positive side, if there is one, King didn't seem to have any sort of foul play surrounding his death. Also, they say he did like to swim late nights. So, maybe there is some truth to the fact that he may have just be a bit tipsy and drowned. Bad stuff all across the board.

Illseed's Quickies

Rumors are swirling that Tim Dog may have juxed people trying to book Mary J. and Nas, too. Just saying…not suggesting it's true.

Halle Berry has to pay her ex like $250K in child support per year! She may want to split custody or something! WHOA!

The Octomon has been forced to do porn to save herself from financial ruin. Hoping she can just do something else, because all her kids are going to see her online doing porn when they start surfing the net for porn. DAMN!

Oh no! Another '90s rapper is suffering from health ailments. Damn shame I cannot say who. More later. I think.