Hip-Hop Rumors: Was This Tupac's Last Song Recorded Before His Death?


There is a Tupac track entitled "Let's Get It On" that is circulating the 'net claiming to be the final recording before his death. The song was allegedly written about Mike Tyson, who Tupac name drops at the end of the song, and was allegedly recorded on 9/5/96. Tupac died just a few days later on 9/13/96. We don't know if this is legitimate, hence why it's in the rumors section. Check out the track below:

Tupac and Mike Tyson were reportedly very close during the '90s, with Tyson even saying that his biggest regret in life was "not smoking weed with Tupac." Tupac also recorded another track for Mike Tyson called "Road To Glory". Tyson walked out to this song in his March 16, 1996 fight vs. Frank Bruno. The sound quality's not that great, but you can hear the beginning of the song pretty clearly.

Of all the things Mike Tyson can regret in his life - you know that whole rape thing, the jail thing, the biting the ear thing - his biggest regret is not smoking with 'Pac. Crazy!

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